Whenever you buy a product of Lapguard, you gain a three-month (90 Days) manufacturer warranty limited to Polymer Power Bank, Laptop Batteries, Adapters, and other similar range of products starting from the date when you purchased the product. However, this warranty will not cover any electrical and/or physical harm and damage to the product resulting from and not limited to:

  • Neglect towards the product or accident
  • Abuse and misuse
  • Ordinary wear and tear
  • Deliberate destruction
  • Effects of nature

There is NO Warranty for Lithium-ion Power Bank. The product warranty will also not take responsibility for any permanent or temporary attachment or fastening of any of the items using any fastener or adhesive supplied or not by the manufacturer.

Lapguard warranty is not liable for the overcharging of batteries or the use of any other source of power not suggested by the manufacturer. 

Additionally, Lapguard will not entertain any physical defect or damage that results from careless testing, neglected maintenance, improper installation, or any other newly made adjustments disapproved by us.  

However, the Lapguard customer support team will reserve the right to make a final decision regarding all potential and possible warranty claims relating to either replacement, service, or color preference. (color will depend on stock availability)

ARB Accessories Pvt. Ltd deals with the warranty on all of the products of Lapguard sold in India; they will be liable for any replacement or servicing claims requested within the given warranty time. For any warranty and service-related queries, customers can easily reach out to ARB at [email protected]@omcomputronix.com.

Warranty is non-transferable, and we will only be responsible for product liabilities.