Power Bank

A Portable Power Anywhere Everywhere

A power bank has become one of those essential things that smartphone users (which is practically everybody today!) carry with them without fail. Lapguard power banks are compact in size, light, and the go-to product for charging not only your phones but lots of other electronic devices like tablets,  etc.

The more the usage of a product in everyday life, the more people like to look for various designs, innovation in technology, and high-quality in it. Our power bank promises you all this and more! With a high-capacity output that ensures more charge on the run, Lapguard’s power bank guarantees a faster charging rate. The rubberized finishing on the body makes it very attractive and a stylish product to call your own.

Lapguard power bank promises you a backup charger with stylish looks and attractive features. 

Best Power Bank for Your Smartphone


Our power banks come in two categories 

10000 mAh 


20000 mAh.

Choosing the power bank between given is what we would recommend as the world goes more digital. You never know when you might run out of power.


Choose Lapguard Power Banks. Below we tell you why..

A savior in emergencies

Lapguard power bank is like that best friend you wish you could take with you anywhere and everywhere, the one who will surely be there for you in an emergency. Just possessing a smartphone is not enough; its battery determines its real potential. In any emergency (including playing games), our portable, sleek charger is your best bet for instant power back-up. 

A charging point is seldom available once you step out of your house. Also, if you damage your device charger, our portable power bank is enough to relieve you of all your worries. 

A multitasking product

Power banks by Lapguard come with multiple sockets where multiple devices can charge simultaneously. If using it to charge a single device, then you can charge the power bank only once and use it multiple times.

Lapguard’s power bank is compatible with a host of devices consisting of laptops, kindles, tablets, iPods, iPads, PSPs, to even some portable speakers and headphones. Our charging cord is multipurpose and can attach itself to all these device types.

Good capacity range

Power banks manufactured by us come in many design variants, in all shapes and sizes. Their capacity range is anywhere between 10000 mAh to more than 20000 mAh, as mentioned in the above section on capacity categories. 

The weight of a power bank increases with its capacity. Hence, the small capacity ones are lighter. The high-capacity power banks above 20000 mAh charge heavy devices like tablets and laptops efficiently. 

Charge anytime anywhere

With Lapguard power bank, do not worry about running out of battery anywhere!

Whether you are in a restaurant enjoying a meal with family, or out on a movie date, cooking at home, clicking ‘selfies’, or just lazy enough to plug in your device charger, we take care of your battery needs, anytime anywhere. A smart power solution is now right on your desk, by your side.

A trustworthy travel buddy

For a travel enthusiast, power banks are a vital accessory. One might not be able to plug-in and charge their phones fully while traveling, but a power bank saves the day by being portable and providing a reliable back-up. If you plan to visit remote locations that might not have adequate electricity or if you plan to stay out long exploring places, then Lapguard’s power bank is the most travel-friendly product you can carry in your backpack. 

Some of our power banks also boast of being scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and shock-resistant. Serious adventurers who spend their time in under-water sports, hiking, and such, these features would spell happiness. You can experience stress-free, happy journeys with Lapguard’s power banks.

A portable solution

A power bank is small, but it is a powerhouse. Sleek, compact, light-weight, travel-friendly – what more do you want! As a portable commodity, power banks keep you tension-free and are your reliable partner in times of crisis. Inside your designer bag or a casual sling bag, Lapguard’s power bank will fit anywhere smoothly. It is a convenient and comfortable option that solves one of your primary concerns outside your home.

Value for money at great prices

Lapguard power banks are highly affordable and are available as per your power needs in varying capacities. Its advantages easily outweigh the cost factor. For a day filled with no hiccups, investing in a power bank is a small price to pay. We assure you that you will not regret your purchase. Our power banks guarantee both quality and value for money. 

A Made in India product

It is an honor for us to create this product in India at our state-of-the-art facility at Noida. We are proud to be able to make reliable quality products in India and especially for Indian consumers.

Sufficient warranty period

Quality is a priority and a necessity in our business. We make use of advanced technology and excellent facilities to create our power banks for you. However, if you do face any problems, then we promise to be at your service instantly. Lapguard’s products come with a limited manufacturing warranty period of 90 days. You may contact our customer care center for the resolution of any manufacturing issues within this period.

Apart from these, some other common and useful reasons for buying power banks are:

Reliable battery life

LED power indicator

Multiple USB Ports

Compatibility with multiple devices

Rubberized body suitable for mundane usage   

Long-lasting and safe