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Only the laptops with the best and most long-lasting batteries can beat and go against the foremost premium machines. No matter how progressed and upgraded their specs are. If they can’t hold a charge and last a reasonable while, they’re just about useless. One of the major products Lapguard supplies is its ultimate Lithium-ion batteries for laptops. Suitable and compatible with all sorts of laptops or notebooks brands, including Apple, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Asus, Sony, Gateway, Mitac, Samsung, and the domestic Lenovo laptops.

Top Quality Battery Cells

When talking on the topic of laptop batteries, it all comes all the way down to the one selling point – the battery cells placed inside. Our batteries have Top A+ Grade cells which can guarantee you the best endurance and can ensure quality performance.

True and Reliable Capacity

One of the most exaggerated truths on the net relating to laptop batteries is capacities. Don’t fall for any fake or misleading capacity ads out there. All of our batteries carefully test to satisfy OEM’s specifications. So no need to worry about the capacity with our batteries.

Built To Perform and Endure

Our batteries have Grade A NMC battery cells that ensure laptops will have longer battery life and increased durability.

Stay unplugged and hassle-free longer with Lapguard’s amazing and efficient batteries. Our rechargeable batteries are consuming Lithium-Ion technology and can be used in the place of old and used batteries or even as a convenient and accessible spare-use battery. Now, take your laptop anywhere and enjoy a durable battery life. Work or play longer, without compromising on quality performance.

Our batteries are manufactured with the cells of the highest quality, which will last you as long as your original laptop battery did. Yes, they’re that reliable! Every single Li-ion battery for replacement test thoroughly with care and proven to cope up to the original battery or even exceed it. It would still be 100% suitable for the OMS (Original Manufacturer Specifications). Every battery has been thoroughly and tested multiple times on laptop systems thus ensuring the safety and performance for your laptop.

Our rechargeable batteries are designed with the highest control standards in mind. All of them are manufactured with internally placed circuit boards that have smart-chips (thermal runaway protection, cell imbalance shut off protection, over-discharge and overcharge shut off protection, low/high temperature shut off protection). Plus, these are made from Eco-friendly components, excluding any type of lead or mercury.

Lapguard has been acknowledged and loved by our clients due to our high-quality assurance, huge and unique variety, and top-notch services. All laptop batteries imported are carefully tested by ourselves and their quality is certified now. They are easily almost about to be the best and highest quality laptop batteries available domestically and internationally as we are representing the greatest caliber of laptop battery provider in India. We are now popular and acknowledged because of our loyal customers’ positive responses and their earned trust. 

When we’re talking about our batteries, we’re talking the longest hours of endurance and durability, which more than suffices for that cross-country flight you’ll be taking, a long day of meetings at work or multiple, back to back classes. Having not only the potential of providing and selling great quality products, but we also have the proficiency to improvise and excel with other associated accessories or new items specifically according to our clients’ needs. What you need is our proficiency and reliability. Here at Lapguard, we are in favor of establishing long-lasting relationships with our business partners and customers for the long term.

Innovation, Excellence, and Superiority are Lapguard’s unfaltering promises. As we face our today and our better future, we are surely going to repay the community we are grateful to for their unfaltering confidence and support given to us by developing and providing more better and professional services than you’ve ever encountered.

Lapguard team has expertise in selling a series of high-quality laptop batteries. Use our laptop batteries anywhere you go, anywhere you are and anytime you want. Experience optimum performance at every stage of your life.