Laptop Adapter

Use our premium quality charger, specially made for your laptop.

Your laptop allows your office, your entertainment, and your most essential files to be portable and readily accessible for you. Your laptop can go anywhere with you whether you’re at home, a cafe, or even working in a park. One of the necessary accessories you will need with you is the adapter for your laptop or simply, a power cord. Your laptop needs the power to keep you traveling and to keep itself powered up and ready to use. But a broken or misplaced laptop adapter can seriously slow your usage down and limit your time. If you have a laptop adapter already, it is always safe to buy a power cord as a back-up to keep at home or the office.

The substantial range of products at Lapguard offers a variety of Laptop Adapters, just for your convenience. These adapters have been known for their efficiency and easy use. They are manufactured with the material of the best quality as we have purchased these products from the top-notch vendors in this industry. We have also thoroughly tested these products according to the international quality standards for our clients’ optimized satisfaction before delivering to them. We also offer a customized variety of these products to our customers. The available features of our efficient laptop adapters are:


Highly tensile


Low maintenance

High quality

Choosing a Replacement Adapter

Here are a few steps to help you find a replacement adapter for your laptop, so you can get back to working and playing, without having to worry about battery life.

1. Finding your laptop’s model number

The first thing you are going to need is your laptop’s model number. This number can be easily found on the side or bottom of your laptop. If you are unable to find it, you can check the user manual provided or look in your laptop’s help and support for the required number of the model of your laptop. You can easily find it mentioned beneath the system properties of your laptop.

2. Finding your voltage requirements

After finding your laptop model number, next, you are going to need the voltage requirements for your laptop adapter. Laptop adapters can have different voltage (V) outputs and if you use the wrong or unsuitable laptop adapter, it can damage your computer and can also affect your battery life badly. Check your user’s manual for information about your laptop’s voltage requirements. Usually, the output voltage will be listed as DC voltage. You might also need to look for part or product numbers that are suitable for your laptop model.

3. Finding and choosing the most compatible laptop adapter

Model numbers for laptops might often look similar so you will need to make sure that the model numbers are matching exactly. Adapters and power cords for laptops have product descriptions that will typically list part number, the manufacturer, and a partial description as well. If you can find an adapter having the correct output voltage but with the wrong port connector, you might be able to find attachments for the port that will adapt the connector to the given power port on the laptop.

Each of our Power Adapter Charger is a product of the most premium quality. Lapguard is a known platform for a unique and reliable range of laptop chargers & adaptors. All our products are manufactured using only materials of assured quality and with thorough and advanced techniques that match our adapters up to the international standards in this highly competitive field. The materials utilized in our Power Adapter Charger are procured from the most official and reliable vendors, chosen only after detailed and extensive market surveys and our quality testing. Thus, Lapguard products are widely recognized in the market for their extremely high quality. We are involved in providing a unique and excellent array of laptop chargers & adaptors with determination.