Corporate Gifting

Power Banks: The Gifts of the New Age

Imagine leaving your home for work late in the morning and realizing that your phone is out of battery, and so you can’t let your colleagues or supervisor know? In the new age of media revolutions where technology is everything; and everyone constantly stays online, a dead battery can almost feel like a handicap. You can be stuck in traffic or running late to an important corporate meeting, but if your phone battery is dead, you can feel helpless and frustrated.

That is, of course, unless you have invested in a power bank. Power banks are intelligent and portable tools that can recharge all your electronic devices in use. You will not miss any urgent emails or important calls: simply plug your tablet or phone into your power bank, and you will be back online!

As a bonus, you can also gift them to your employees, clients, and business partners! They are reliable, practical, and make for a suitable gift in the corporate world.

Advantages of Power Banks as Corporate Presents

  • No more of having a dead battery: simply plug your device in, and you will be connected again! Remember to charge the power bank in advance.
  • Portable and lightweight, so easy to carry around while you’re on the go. It fits in a backpack or a handbag easily.
  • Can charge any tablet or phone as long as the USB charging cable is present! No need to search for a charging point anymore.
  • You can personalize it for your brand specifically if you want to. Just get your brand name and logo embellished on the power bank, and you’ll have a wonderful and suitable corporate present that offers great practical value!
  • It comes in a very sleek and slim packaging with a Li-Polymer battery, great for carrying anywhere.
  • Multiple charging available: plugin more than one phone or tablet, and you’re good to go!

Some Points to Consider When Purchasing a Power Bank

Milliamp Hour(mAh):

It refers to the charging capacity that the power bank can have. The bigger the number is, the longer the charger will last. And the chances are that it can last you a very long time. However, the mAh requirements can be different as it depends on the type and nature of the devices you have and plan to charge, including how often you charge them.

Output Current:

Output current tells you about the pace at which your devices can charge. A power bank that has a small output current level will charge your device at a slow speed. Look for power banks with large output current, and keep in mind that a low output current may not be powerful enough to charge your large devices such as tablets, especially if said device is in use during charging.

Standby Time:

You will also need to consider the amount of time your charger will hold the available charge in standby mode.

Need Personalized Advice?

If you are still unsure and would like some personal opinions, it is often better to be a battery lifesaver in an age of dead phones and frustrated corporate workers. Invest in a customized power bank that has your corporation’s name and logo. Lapguard’s slim and sophisticated power banks make the perfect promotional gift for every client, customer, employee, and business partner. Moreover, your logo will stand out in the center, giving your corporation the recognition it requires to stand out from the crowd.