About Us


Affordable, Attractive, & Customized

Lapguard is a name synonymous with manufacturing custom-branded technology products on demand for promotional usages. For over a decade, we have made a name for ourselves in developing products for promotional technology that are a cut above the rest. We ship worldwide and are committed to finding solutions for our clients, from small businesses to large organizations. A passionate team at Lapguard is ever-ready to be at your service.

Some factors we believe has helped us maintain the top position for so long in this sector are:

Our Customers - Our pride

Maintaining a good rapport with our customers is a priority for us. We achieve this through regular customer interactions, a dedicated team for support, and high-quality products and services. Following a vertical business model helps us to be in control of every aspect of our business, like sales, order processing, delivery. We aim to be market leaders through our superior quality products, efficient service, and excellent value for money.

Our Passionate and Skilled Team 

Any team requires individuals with dedication, willingness to learn, passion for work, and team spirit. Lapguard has cultivated this kind of work culture since the beginning by investing in our employee’s growth. We conduct various training programs to upskill our staff based on the changing trends and industry standards.

A Healthy Relationship with Stakeholders

In business, relationships hold special value. A healthy relationship goes a long way in securing trust and loyalty among clients, partners, and suppliers. That requires constant efforts to streamline the system and hierarchy of management. We continuously strive to achieve the goal of being lean and efficient by eliminating unnecessary hiccups in all processes. Lapguard also keeps its communication transparent and open with all its stakeholders. We consider client problems to be our own and address it with the utmost care and concern.

A Culture of Responsibility

Lapguard takes international laws and cultures very seriously, being a reputed and experienced company having a global presence. We appreciate healthy competition and zeal for perfection, innovation, and problem-solving. We are responsible for our dealings and in respecting the law in every market place around the world.

Our Mission

Excellence is our passion. Lapguard’s mission is to be the fastest-growing company in the promotional technology field through our drive for quality, innovation, delivering products and services of high value, and creating a fantastic customer experience. 

We appreciate and encourage our partners and customers to be more aware and make smarter, eco-friendly choices that shall keep our Earth cleaner, greener, and healthy.